Advance Media Agency

Your One Stop Printing & Design Services Provider


  1. Do you offer artwork design services?

          Yes. We can do an artwork design for you with an affordable fee. Please send  

          us an email to request for design an artwork.


  1. Do you provide artwork materials?

          No. You have to furnish us a complete set of artwork materials such as all images and texts.


  1. Do you provide artwork proof checking services?

          No. Our accepted color tolerance is around ±10%.


  1. Will the color of my printed product match 100% to the original color of my artwork?

          No. It is a known fact within the printing industry that 100% process color accuracy is not      

          presently possible with the current print technology.


  1. What file formats do you accept?

         For all our products, we accept the artwork in:

         a. Adobe Illustrator (AI)

         b.Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF)



  1. How can I send or upload my artwork to you?

          You can send us your file via few options:

          a. Drop us an email to (for file less than 25MB)

          b. If your file size is more than 25mb, you can try using:

              i) (single file not more than 300mb for free)

              ii) (single file not more than 2GB for free)

          c. Send us your CD-Rom to our office address or call us for assistant.


  1. How long does it take to process my order?

          Process day will depend on which product and quantity you are ordered. Please call us for 

          confirm the actual process day it takes.


  1. Could I cancel or change my order?

          No. You cannot cancel or change your design after you have submitted your artwork for printing.



  1. How do I make the payment to you?

          You can post the cheque to us or directly bank in the cheque / cash into our company bank 

          account. Our company bank account number is:

         Bank: Ambank

         Company Name: Advance Media Agency

         Ambank Account Number: 034-202-201100-1


  1. Can I request for credit terms?

          No. All the payment must fully paid upon confirmation of your printing order. Please note that we

          will only start the production upon receipt of your full payment.


  1. Are you accepting payment by Credit Card?

          No. We are not accepting credit card payment at this moment.


  1. Do I need to inform you after I bank in the payment for you?

          Yes. You need to inform us by sending your payment proof for verification. You can email to us:



  1. Will I have to pay for the delivery of my goods?

          Yes, there will be a minor charges for delivery within Malaysia. Please contact us for further



  1. How will you deliver my goods?

         All goods are delivered by our appointed courier services. We only works with reliable courier

         services that have good track records.


  1. What should I do if I do not receive my orders on time?

          Contact us at 012-3789689. Tell us the problem and we will try to solve it as soon as possible.